Om Ertany

Ertany SPICE Systems grundades som ett konsultbolag 1993. Idag är verksamheten mestadels vilande. Sajten är omgjord till ett nyttoverktyg.


  • 1992-09: The first assignment from Spendrups.
  • 1993-05: The company is founded.
  • 1995-08: First launch on Internet.
  • 1997-05: The domain '' is registred.
  • 1999-10: All resources used for Y2K.
  • 2001-05: Still going strong...
  • 2003-06: New site is launched.
  • 2008-08: Logarithmic convert tool.
  • 2018-12: Site redeployed as Convert tool.


  • Services


    * C#, C++, C, Java, Pascal, VB, JavaScript
    * PowerBuilder, Paradox, Access
    * Användargränssnitt, Use-Cases
    * Databasmodellering, PL/SQL, Transact/SQL
    * Finansiell realtidsdata; Reuter, Tibco, SIX mfl


    Customer adopted
    and applied education for
    everyone from organisations
    to public corporations.


    Experience from
    * IT - market and technology
    * Business Administration, Decision Support
    * Financial valuation and analysis
    * Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence


  • Atlas Copco AB (publ)
    Programming (Financial risk valuation)

  • Spendrup's AB (publ)
    Programming (Budget system)
    Education (Sales analysis)

  • Pepsi Cola Nordic
    Programming (Graphics)
    Consulting (Market analysis)
    Education (Excel)

  • CRM Treasury Systems AB
    Programming (Realtime connection)
    Consulting (Financial derivate valuation)

  • TV-Säljarna AB
    Programming (Warehouse system)
    Programming (Sales analysis)

  • Vivant AB
    Education (Paradox)

  • Stjärnurmakarna AB
    Consulting (Trading system)
  • Jorma Karlssons Bil AB
    Education (Windows, Word, Excel)

  • Munhälsan i Vaxholm
    Education (Windows, Word, Excel)

  • Ek.för Bullerbybarnen
    Programming (Web service)
    Education (Windows, Word, Excel)

  • Brf Trivselhem 102
    Programming (Web service)

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